Commute 2.0

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Micro solar sports cars that can go in bike lanes


Introducing Cyberbaja

2 Adults | 100+ mi Range | Dual Motor

NO driver’s license required.

Meet Cyberbaja pod ev. With solar roof and the toughest battery, Cyberbaja is by far the most capable vehicle allowed in the bike lane ever. Welcome to the first micromobility good enough to get around all year round.

Save time 

with up to 30 mph

legally in bike lane

Be safe 

with turn signals, 2 seats & belts, and metal bars

All weather

with solar roof,


💯 mile range

safer and longer lifespan batteries

Cobalt free

child labor free and environmentally friendly batteries

Track your Cyberbaja stats and location

Ultra Wideband

Unlock and lock seamlessly and securely with your phone or watch

Meet the team.

Al Park


Terje Oseberg


Jack Van

Director of Manufacturing




EVs aren’t enough to avert climate catastrophe.

Our mission is to make getting around sustainable, fast & fun 

in cities and suburbs.

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